Moov Studio

The best studio fitness class experience on your phone

It's studio fitness classes, taught by inspiring trainers and set to music that will pump you up!

It's mobile, so you can squeeze in a workout anytime, anyplace.

It's easy, just choose a workout type (Treadmill, Bodyweight, Dumbbell, Stationary Bike, Outdoor Run, + more); your trainer and on screen examples will be your guide.

It's for everyone!

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Hey Meng, Can you tell us more about this app you've built. Does it work with the wristband still?
@jacqvon I'd love to tell you more about the Moov Studio app. First I’ve got a confession to make. I used to hate working out. It literally was dreadful to me. Every time I stepped on a “dreadmill”, I felt like a hamster running on a wheel. Working out was a daily chore, like cleaning the litter box. Did I need to do it? Yes. Did I enjoy it? NO. Staying in shape felt hard. I worried my newborn son would start preschool before I finally lose my pregnancy fat. However, something clicked the first time I tried a boutique studio class. The energy of the music and the inspiring instructors made me want to move, to sweat, to smile! This is what I wanted. Don’t let me fool you though. The classes were HARD but at the same time motivating, fun and empowering. They were worth it and so was I. They made me feel like a superhero. Like I could take on the whole world. I wished I could take more classes without breaking my bank or leaving my little one when he was awake. I decided I wanted to find a way to bring boutique studio classes to everyone at convenient time and place in an affordable way. I wanted more people to experience a fun, empowering kind of fitness that felt like a celebration, not a burden; a reward, not a punishment; a vacation, not a chore. The Moov Studio app was born. Feeling lazy, tired or drained? The moment the trainer talks and the music starts, all the cells inside your body are ready to rock; the hair stands up on the back of your neck. And you can’t wait to be recharged. You start moving. You begin to come alive. Your blood is flowing from head to toe, and your endorphins are releasing to pump you up. You begin to feel invincible. Every minute inside Moov Studio, I’m engaged, happy and motivated. Every minute, I feel I can take whatever challenges the world throws at me. Every minute, I’m loving myself from the inside out. Every minute, I’m burning calories! There’s always someone, your favorite voice in your ear, who gets you, who plays with you, motivates you, who celebrates with you, who takes you on an adventure to feel great, have fun, and feel empowered while burning calories! Basically, we are building Moov Studio to be the best part of your day. The best part, it is free to use, less than $10 to upgrade! I can’t wait to let you hear and feel the power and the excitement, and I invite you to download the app. Take a class. And feel great! ( Moov wearables are not needed or syncing with the app yet )
Hey Meng! I've used a bunch of fitness apps and would of my favorite elements are being able to track against my friends. What friend capabilities does Moov have? Thanks, Ben
@benmlevy Ben, right now, you can see other moovers' profile icons (including your friend if they've taken the classes), and their profiles if they comment and rate classes, but we are going to roll out more social interaction features later. Love to hear more of your experience with the classes.
@meng_moov My favorite is actually the Nike+ Running App where there's a simple monthly leaderboard of me vs. my friends. It actually motivates me to try to beat them. Ideally, I'd like more ways to compete against them though and actually bet on myself to outwork them that month.
Looks great - I like that there are real people leading the class. FYI to the Makers: I tried looking it up on Playstore but I couldn't find it.
@jasmine_khinda Real people are what we are all about! here's the link on the Playstore: Let us know what you think!
@turnerkirk the PS says it isn't available in my country ( I'm in Canada). Would love to check it out when it opens up to the Canadian audience!

I would like to see full integration with Apple Watch. I should be able to start the app on my phone and the apple watch should start gathering data. I shouldn't have to look at the app until the end of the workout. Not sure how this is better than Aaptiv.


Like the visual instructions for elliptical sessions.


The voice of the trainer is too loud. I tri

@rasheqrahman, you can adjust the volume of the trainer's voice in the app! If you click on the sound icon in the top right corner of the screen during a workout, you can adjust the trainer voice, music, and overall volume level. Moov Studio is currently a phone only experience, but we're exploring the best ways to integrate the app with other products. Actually, one of the best features of Moov Studio is that there is video guidance in addition to audio coaching. We have videos of movements for all bodyweight, dumbbell, and kickboxing workouts. We also have the intensity queues projected on the screen for Elliptical, Treadmill, Cycling, and Outdoor Run/Walk workouts. They're especially helpful if you miss a coach's instruction... the app tells you exactly what to do. Aaptiv only provides audio coaching, so it can be super confusing if you're asked to do a workout movement that you don't know how to do. Moov Studio is a million times better than Aaptiv, because of these features. Plus, it is the best designed fitness app out there. And we are planning on rolling out a ton more content and features, so you'll never get bored with the app.