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The AI personal trainer wearable

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Meng Li
Meng LiMaker@meng_moov · CEO MOOV
Hello Product Hunters Please meet MOOV NOW™, our 2nd generation AI wearable fitness coach. We designed Moov to not just track the steps, but to make us workout better, safer and actually increase our fitness levels. What's unique and cool about MOOV: 1, MOOV captures your motion in 3D space, not just counting your steps. How? We developed the omni-motion sensing technology powered by 9 axis sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer), so Moov can "see" your motion in space, like how you land during running, your four strokes in swimming, or your uppercut or jab during cardio boxing. 2, MOOV offers a variety of workouts and levels designed by coaches and experts. 5 sports: run&walk, cycle, swim, bodyweight workout and cardio boxing. 12 workout programs: e.g. sprint HIIT, 7 minute workout, lap swim... 200+ levels and personalizations for beginners and pros. 3, Moov is not a passive. Moov actively talks to you from the apps (ios/android; swimming is an exception). Moov will coach, push, and encourage you during your workouts. The market is saturated with fitness trackers that all do the same thing - passive activity tracking. MOOV NOW™ goes beyond basic data, and coaches users through every swim, run, training session and more. We’ve amassed over a year’s worth of data for even more precise and intelligent workout analysis, and we’re excited to introduce MOOV NOW™ as the next level of personal training. Features and Benefits of MOOV NOW™: Customizable: MOOV NOW™ is available in Stealth Black, Blizzard White, Aqua Blue and Fusion Red colors. Social features: ‘Connect and Compete’ allows you to share your workout progress with friends, family and other Moov community members. Activity tracking: Stand-alone daily activity and sleep tracking to monitor activity levels throughout the day. Seamless suite of workout programs and levels: MOOV NOW™ is compatible with the original 10+ programs and 200+ variations and levels of Run & Walk, Swimming, Cycling, Cardio Boxing and 7 Minutes+ Workout apps, plus more workouts such as Spinning, Beach Body, Tabata will be continuously added into the Moov app. Affordable: MOOV NOW™ costs $59.99 for early birds. Shipping in Fall 2015. Hope you will like it and get fitter/healthier with the help of our product. AMA Meng
Michael Lee
Michael Lee@mikehlee_
awesomee, cool to see Moov on here, hi @raysigh and congrats on the launch @meng_moov + team
Aref Abedi
Aref Abedi@arefabedi · CEO, Jobylon
This is awesome! Just got a pair!