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Professionally made free stock photos matching each other

#2 Product of the WeekApril 11, 2018

Getting cheap professional photos is a challenge, let alone free. Matching them is even harder. Moose is a photo stock under professional production. All the images are free for a link. Variety of themes, high-quality photos perfectly matching each other. You can even order a needed shot.

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Big thanks to @chrismessina for hunting Moose. So, we’re launching the new stock photography service by the Icons8 team. It’s called Moose. What makes it different from the others? - We’re a movie-scale crew of the directors, photographers, stylists, makeup artists, prop designers, an architect, a 3D modeller, a post-production team, and two collage artists. - And we’re a tech startup with AI- and web developers that combines these images with various backgrounds and 3D-rendered scenes. - And we give our photos away for free. Share what you think, guys, your feedback will help us to improve.
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As an avid blogger, I'm a huge fan of photo stocks and Moose it definitely worth to be added to top favs. What I especially like in it is its elegant minimalism and the ability to match photos together not breaking the general visual style. It's cool for keeping a consistent content strategy within one article, webpage or even website.

What I would be happy to get as a user is the ability to make my own collections of favorite photos or images on particular theme and share them with other bloggers via social networks and email.

Thanks a lot for sharing such great stuff, huge congrats to the team on release!


High-quality photos. Free. Nice minimalist style. Variety of plots and model types.


Haven't found.

Stop it :) Seriously, thanks.
Icons8 team, your are awesome!
@vladkorobov you are making us blush :)
Nice! It'is very good
People on the photos are really cool :)