A torrent client to download, stream and cast torrents.

馃 moose - A torrent client to download, stream and cast torrents.
馃憗 Stream
馃幀 Inbuilt media player
馃摉 Subtitle support
馃摵 Cast/DLNA casting
馃帹 Custom theme
馃挭馃徑 Open files in external apps
鈩癸笍 Detailed Media info
It's free and the code is open source.
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looks nice but how to Download it? where is the installer ?
Will you ever release this app through the Mac app store?
@sue111 I am definitely not against it. I will love to do that but I will have to do a bit of research.
@sue111 Apple doesn't allow torrent-related apps on their app stores
This looks amazing! Can鈥檛 wait to try it out. I dl a lot of niche documentaries that have proved hard to find in all the regular places. Torrents have become my new best friend.馃グ
@lylystyx I am glad you liked it.
Neat work! Does App Store allow torrent based apps? How about Linux distribution like snappy.
@iamsheezy Why not? BitTorrent is not Illegal lol
@hexandcube No embedded media player though.. was just saying maybe think of Ubuntu users too.
Would like to see it in the app store, unsure about downloading it till then
@sue111 Hi Sue, The app is notarised and signed. Keep in mind that starting from MacOS Catalina, apps can't be installed if they haven't been signed and notarised by apple. Also the whole code is open source:
@sue111 Having said that I will see if I can put it on app store. I am just not sure if torrent apps are allowed there or not.
@ritz078 any plans for Windows/Linux builds?
@sulemanelahi2 Yes. Definitely. I think I just have to set up the build and test it extensively before releasing.
@sue111 a lot of good apps are not on the App Store. I don't see what the big deal is all about.