All-in-one gift and rewards cards for local shops.

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Moose is a simple solution for retailers to help them create cards combining a gift card and a rewards card. Think of a Starbucks card, but for any store out there!

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Baptiste Laget
Baptiste LagetMaker@baptistelaget · Maker of Castor, Moose & TeamTab
Hello from Canada 🇨🇦! --- TL;DR: Moose allows retailers to create store cards – we launched in Montreal, Canada some weeks ago and had some awesome feedback! Testing a software for retailers is not always easy when you don't own a store, but we've included a surprise for Product Hunters on our website ;) --- I’m pretty happy to share with you our newest product Moose. Moose is a suite of tools for small and local retailers to help them create cards that combine loyalty cards and gift cards. It’s just like your Starbucks card – while you can have money on it, you can also get rewards by using it in store. We wanted to bring to small retailers that kind of technology, where brick-and-mortar meets digital. An article on a Montreal innovation blog sums it up perfectly: We offer a pretty wide range of options to retailers, from selling in their store to an online shop, or even printing physical cards for them. They can sell a gift card in store that the consumer will save on their smartphone later, or sell a gift card online that can be used in their store. Tada! We’ve been testing the solution since earlier this year in Montreal, Canada, and more than 120 retailers, restaurant and coffee shops used our solution while in beta. With what we learned (and realized some features were missing while some other were not used by our customers – this is why you need to ship early, people!), we created Moose and decided to publish it online as a SaaS platform. Next step for us, while providing an online solution to small retailers, is to create neighbourhoods cards: buy a card you can use in any store of your neighbourhood. We’ve already started in Montreal, and the response from the local retail community has been awesome so far! I know testing a SaaS product for retailers may not be the easiest experience for all the hunters out there, this is why we included a small surprise on our website – look at the Intercom box! 🎉 Best, Baptiste PS: We have a cat in our small explainer video
landen@actuallylanden · Student at Lighthosue Labs, Toronto
Haha. When I saw the name moose, my first thought was "definitely a Canadian company". I like this idea. There are a few local shops around here that I frequent and could see myself carrying a reward card for. While I don't have a business myself, I'll spread the word.
Baptiste Laget
Baptiste LagetMaker@baptistelaget · Maker of Castor, Moose & TeamTab
@actuallylanden Haha, indeed, we wanted something *definitiely* Canadian! Glad you like the idea – we really found some local shops and restaurants struggling with marketing & promotional tools, and we think Moose can really help!
Sedarius Perrotta
Sedarius Perrotta@sedarius7 · Founder
Great concept @baptistelaget Are you planning on rolling this out to include restaurants as well? I had a couple of use cases just in the last 6 months where i would have used a service like this because the restaurant gift card is usually very inflexible and frustrating. Could be an opportunity there. Cheers
Baptiste Laget
Baptiste LagetMaker@baptistelaget · Maker of Castor, Moose & TeamTab
@sedarius7 Hi Sedarius, thanks for your comment! We do support restaurants – actually more than half of our customers are restaurants. Moose is totally independent from any POS software, so it can work with any type of business. We have a full team of Customer Success Managers ready to help you implement Moose for your specific use cases – so ask away and we'll be glad to help! I'll see how we can make that more obvious we support all types of business on our website!