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#2 Product of the DaySeptember 22, 2019
moooodify lets you sort your favourite Spotify music by mood, which you can then save as playlists.
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Hey PH! I built this website because most of the time, people listen to music depending on what their mood is. Let's face it, sad times call for sad playlists, and parties call for an upbeat playlist. Spotify’s daily mix is genre-based than mood-based, and the Browse section is full of songs people don’t know about, so I wanted to build something that lets everyone sort THEIR favourite music by mood and save them as playlists. This is my first product launch. I’m a design student, and I knew basic coding, so I taught myself a lot of new things (thanks stackoverflow) while developing it. I would love to hear what you guys think!
@ahujasid This looks sweet! Great job Siddharth. 1 question though, any chance we would get to share these playlists publicly in the future?
@kshitij_choudhary thank you! Yeah, I plan on seeing what can be shareable since these playlists can directly be shared from Spotify. I'd love to get feedback on that too
Simple and effective. Good job!
@divyansh_deora Thanks Divyansh! Glad you liked moooodify.
Wow dude, hats off to you @ahujasid , an impressive tool to use. I am always in the mood for something and I keep flipping between playlists to play different songs. It's frustrating. This solves that problem. Well done dude! Keep making improvements with the app. Accuracy can be improved.
@jeiman thanks for the feedback Jeiman! Glad you liked it. I agree with the part about accuracy. Since it relies on Spotify's audio features to a large extent, as Spotify improves their classification, the classification on moooodify will also improve.
@ahujasid Awesome dude, keep it up! This is a great idea. I have already shared it with some of my friends who are avid Spotify users. You could also probably come up with your own classification if you have experience with Machine Learning. Test out your own classification on music taste etc. Just a thought really.
Really smart and accurate! I'm gonna try it now 😁
@merrillhefdy Thank you Merrill! Glad you enjoyed it.
Works perfectly, thank you!
@atelieri_design Thank you! Glad you liked it.