#4 Product of the DaySeptember 27, 2015
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Create elegant career pages showcasing your mission, team and culture to attract the right kind of candidates.
@erictwillis Completely agree the focus has to be on attracting the right kind of candidates. Too many startups need to get over their ego of, "It's an honor to work with us!" and apply themselves to candidates.
Tried to signup but my work doesn't use Gmail...
@ryanshook You are right, login is google based work emails only, we are working on integration of other email services. Hope we would see you soon using the platform
@ryanshook as discussed we have implemented sign-ups with email clients other than google, please try signing up now and let me know in case of any issues
Just to give an overview of what we are trying to achieve. Career page is one of the major sources of reaching out to both active and passive talent, what we majorly miss out on is that a candidate wants more than just a list of job openings.We sell them that too but that happens over a one on one conversation, by the time that happens a huge bunch of talent has already left the company page. That's why we thought why not put that one on one pitch in digital form and let the candidate be well informed of what exact opportunity they are looking at instead of the "Job Description" for an "Android Developer"
Hey guys, who's your target market for this product?
@alanaut24 Our target market for this product ,are the small and medium scale companies and start-ups
I was looking for something like that no later than this week :D I used recruiterbox as I was lacking better options but this looks promising. I'm just curious about the pricing.
@jpvalery There is no charge for creating career pages, its free. We will be adding more premium features soon.
@niteshkmishra @jpvalery Like discussed in chat on your website, please add custom perks and that'll be awesome
@jpvalery The idea for the first version was to make it as easy and as quick as possible to create the page. We are already working on these customizations and give the entire power in the hands of the company.
Finally dropped this product as ,although it was stated to remain free, went freemium. Plus lost all appeal to me.
@jpvalery As mentioned before the product is still free, also we did mention before that there will be some premium features but as far as the career pages are concerned it will remain free.