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Howdy! Milan from microapps here. We are a small company in Malaga, Spain that has large dreams and gives our best to achieve them. Today I am extremely proud to announce MoonMail, our web based app for quickly sending email campaigns. We also help clean lists so you do not have to waste your time and you can spend it crafting a perfect message using our drag and drop editor. Did I already mention that you have 60.000 emails / month for free? Take it for a spin right now: How do we make it cheap & easy? Glad you asked. We use your Amazon AWS account so you have the total control. By the way, you will be able to use ours as well down the line. How awesome is that? There is a long list of benefits that we bring, here is a quick taste: - Unlimited recipients/contacts - Unlimited campaigns - Dedicated and preferred access to a powerful set of professional email marketing apps, tools & plugins. - Free dynamic list cleanup (Artificial Intelligence powered removal of bounces, spam traps and honeypots) - Automatic management of bounces, complaints and spam reports - 24/7 dedicated phone and email support - Autoresponders and transactional emails section access That's us :) We'd love to hear from you now.
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