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not bad, but please, stop doing website builders :)
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@mpavlukevich Why? Different people find different type of features comfortable to use in same kind of products. :)
nope, keep building them, the web need more makers.
@philipsajeesh @mpavlukevich Yes! We need to encourage people to build things, to build a better version of something that already exists, that's how the web is supposed to be.
@thinkxl @philipsajeesh i think no, we do not need projects, that do not bring anything new to this field ( what i can get from this builder, that I can't get from squarespace / wix / other themeforest builders ) ? i think nothing
@mpavlukevich "we do not need projects" as is like you represent the entire world? Anyway, if wix / squarespace / themeforest builders are enough for you, keep using them, that's great. I just think it's unfair to discourage other people to build new products just because you or your "we" are comfortable with the current big players.
ignore these "stop doing website builders" comments and keep the good work, there are enough potential customers on the Internet for everyone.
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Very good. Like it!
I must enable Flash on my browser? Come on...
Looks good!