Moon Locator

Locate and predict the Moon's position in AR 🌝

Moon Locator predicts the moon position, path and phase at a specific location during the course of a day and year.

β˜… The Main View displays all the detailed information

β˜… The Augmented Reality (AR) feature displays the lunar position directly overlaid on your device's camera.

β˜… The Map feature displays the moon position on top of Google Maps

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@r_follador would love to see this on iOS!
@amrith I'm not much of an iOS programmer, but I agree, this would make sense also business-wise
My moon-shooting photo friends will appreciate that. How are you accurately mapping the moon in AR, @r_follador?
@rrhoover it's based on your device's compass and motion sensor, so the app knows which direction (altitude and azimuth) the device is pointed at and knows the location of the device from the GPS (longitude and latitude). So the moon location is calculated and displayed on top of the camera layer. The problem is that the accuracy of the app completely depends on the accuracy of your device's compass, so if there's any magnetic interference, the predicted moon location in the AR view is also off. But it seems to work quite well in practice, if the compass is calibrated regularly.
Greatest app ever! I might even use my Pixel for this.
@stevesi Thanks, means a lot.
Great job!! 😊 What an unique concept !! Will check it out
@ayush_chandra Yes, please, any feedback is appreciated. also does this (along with a ton more). It's geared towards photogs.
@ericf_ Yes, the goal of my app is to do one thing well, making it easier to handle compared to more complex apps such as photopills.