MOON for Android

Beautifully track the phase of the moon

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Hi. I've had this app on iOS for a while now and it's become the most popular moon app in the App Store. Recently created it for Android. Hope you enjoy. Let me know any feedback or feature requests you have.
@charliedeets Very cool. What inspired you to build this?
@aaronykng I'd say I'm a 'casual observer' of the moon. I'm not really into mysticism or tons of details, I just like to know what the moon is up to. I originally built the app for iOS to learn how to write Objective-C. Then I kept developing new features into it. It's been super rewarding. I figured it would be cool to learn Java and people kept asking for an Android version of the app, so it seemed like a good challenge. :) I wrote some of my thoughts about the original here:
A simple app! Do you plan to add any other features to it? #justasking :)
@mareeshok Yup, I've been developing the iOS version for a couple years and I've built in an iMessage and some easter eggs. I intend on doing similar type of work to the Android app. Thanks.