Moon is the first camera to feature a revolutionary stabilized 360° levitation technology and allows easy integration of modern Smart Home and legacy devices into your personal Internet of Things.

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Hey Awesome community of Product Hunt and thanks @kristofertm for hunting us :) We are very excited to be here and introduce you the Moon smart camera. With the levitation technology, it smoothly captures 360˚ and as Kristofer noted, it's also a smart hub, having all major home automation standards (IR Blaster, ZigBee, Z-Wave and Bluetooth Smart). Moon integrates with Philips Hue, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and other services in the Internet of Things as well as legacy devices such as TV or stereo systems. You can rotate and control it with the app and use it for communication in home/office.
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@sergo_oganov You're really packing a ton of cool features and integrations into a single product - kudos for that. From my experience however, when I see indiegogos and kickstarters that try and take on these huge goals, we often see big delays in ship dates or the product spec get reduced over time. How confident are you in meeting these product goals and March 2018 ship date?
@kristofertm We are working on the project for more than two years now and are confident we will meet the March deadline. We are designing and developing a lot of other features and machine learning algorithms, which we will provide over the time for free. We are going to ship the product with the promised functionality and make the upgrades continuously, hence there will be no delays :)
@sergo_oganov @kristofertm I've stopped supporting KS and IG projects for this very reason. Too much money went down the drain, with either late or no product manufacturing.
@andreasduess , Andreas , we are taking into consideration those facts while scheduling our milestones. Thank You for sharing Your point of view.
It is super cool that this camera levitates, but the fact that you can also rotate the camera as it's defying gravity makes it so bad ass. An awesome bonus is that you can take it away from it's base and use it in other areas for different purposes.
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Really love it, I guess it is very simple in use and besides it`s a cool gadget.


It levitates!


May be it is better to make it like a death star!

Aaaaa, I want a death star looking levitating camera !!!!
Yes, it should blast intruders with a beam :P
Like Death star
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