Indispensable window management for Macs

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I'm seeing a recurring theme: Product Hunters like window management tools. Here are a couple others posted this week: SizeUp, Divvy, and Better Snap Tool.
@rrhoover I've used all of them, Moom is my personal favorite!
@ryan agreed. Moom is the best
+1 more on Moom. I tried Divvy at a friends suggestion and while I liked the concept, I didn't like the implementation. Tried Moom next and have been hooked ever since, love it to the point of not even looking at others
I've been using Cinch (https://www.irradiatedsoftware.c...) for a while, but this looks way more featured.
I've tried many window managers for Mac, and Moom is by far my favorite.
I love Moom! Perfect for setting up dev environments. All my screens are perfectly placed how I want them in just a few key strokes.
this is the most indispensable product for me