A simple tool to help you keep track of your habits.

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Mooji is a tiny tool to help you keep track of your habits. All a habit needs is a name, an emoji and a weekly aim. Then just tick it off as you do it. Pretty simple, huh?


  • Pros: 

    Simple UI


    Track and Manage screen should be integrated on one single interface

    Nothing innovative but the solution could fit mobile very well.

    Yuri Moreno has used this product for one day.
  • Douglas Evaristo
    Douglas EvaristoProduct Manager



    Poderia ter notificação no browser

    Feliz em ver produtos aqui no PH brasileiros de alta qualidade :) parabens e testarei o produto!

    Douglas Evaristo has used this product for one day.


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Jad Limcaco
Jad LimcacoHunter@jadlimcaco · Product Designer
Pretty nifty and simple way to track your habits and get on a streak. @yoamomonstruos What was your motivation for creating this app?
Tom Bates
Tom BatesMaker@yoamomonstruos · Designer from LDN. Previously @ Palantir
@jadlimcaco hey, so couple of reasons really. Firstly, I'm awful at keeping track of my habits. And I wanted to something simple to do it. Secondly, I've wanted to learn functional programming and more backend development, so I decided to learn elixir and kill 2 birds with one stone. I started a course and rather than build the usual blog, todo list, etc that they make in the course, I built this. And lastly, I always start side projects that I never finish. So I gave myself 2 weeks to learn and build something (I took almost 3 weeks but close right). Still needs a lot of design love. The insights it gives aren't up to the right level yet. Thanks for hunting it ✌️