Ultimate travel gallery to inspire your next vacation

Planning your next holiday and not sure where to go? Select one of the popular tourist destinations and get lost in the the infinite scroll of photos while listening to selected atmospheric music
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It all started with a mock landing page I made to try Tailwind CSS in practice. At first, it was just a gallery of London photos (I've spent a few years there and was feeling nostalgic). Then I added a few cities to choose from and added infinite scroll; Then I picked some SoundCloud playlists and added the music checkbox. Long story short, I got so excited with how it turned out that I decided to share it here. It is also my first producthunt launch, yay! What do you guys think? What cities/countries should I add to the list?
Congratz Tanya! I am just wondering.. What is the source of photos in your site? I could not see any reference showing whose the photo owner is.
@yekta_goktas Thanks! The source is :)
Hi. I like the idea. The infinite scroll is intresting and simple. If I will prepare my holidays I would like to know where the pictures are taken to add the place to my roadtrip. PS: becareful, pictures are often cut at the wrong place
@tiretduhaut Thanks for the feedback! For the V1 I used the most basic API from unsplash which only gives an image as it is, I think I'll use the more advanced API in the next build to fix the aspect ratios and add more information to images. I'm also thinking I should add more info like local weather when you select destination