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Hello guys! @drkissane, thanks for the Hunt :) I am Maël, co-founder of moodz. We started to work on this project a few month ago for personal use. Our goal at the time was to build a smart todo list app, that would be connected to our calendars and could turn any task into a workable slot, taking into account our existing constraints. It turns out that the more we were working on this project, the more excited we were about the potential of the tool. So we took a leap of faith at the beginning of the year, resigned from our jobs and started to work on it full time . Our goal now is to develop an AI-powered virtual assistant dedicated to professionals and helping them to better organize their day. To reach this goal we are developing smart planning algorithms specialized in time management, able to understand and learn from the users’ context, habits and preferences in order to deliver every day an optimized agenda. Our vision is to make this assistant accessible across multiple platforms. We are still in private beta for now and to be honest with you, we are caught a little off guard here with this PH post... ;) We still have a lot of work ahead of us. We plan to launch an open beta at the beginning of march. In the meantime we stay around for questions and suggestions and we are very interested in hearing what the PH community would like to see in moodz (integrations, features, …). Cheers!