Moody Music

Focus, relax, & sleep musics

Moody Music is a collection of music to help you focus, relax and sleep

Would be better with more a variety. I would also be more apt to use if there was an IOS application.
@isaaczmuda Thanks for your feedback. I am still learning iOS. Will do one day 😄
Great Job! This is all I need for a web version. I always listen when I need to focus on something like work or study.
@poe_ei_phyu Thanks for your design 😉
No 2 on ProductHunt, for the first time. I created this website to use myself. I love to listen white noises when I am coding. That's one usage. Another usage is I play the musics on moody music and I open new tab then play YouTube playlist which make me feel like I was listening the music when there was some rain, or I am at the beach. 😁
Nice work! Greetings with launch
Very impressive, I always listen to some kind of steady songs to void the noises while i am doing my job, this would really help :-)