Self-report your mood during COVID-19

Hi everyone, Megan Coyle and I created a simple tool to manage stress, and provide valuable information to researchers.
It works by texting (520) 376-2020 with how you’re feeling that day. You’ll get a response of how many others are feeling the same, and a dashboard to track your mood.
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Love this. Always makes me nostalgic for
@turoczy Oh whoa, haven't seen this. Thanks for sharing.
"mood: apathetic" (jokes aside - my mood re this product is definitely NOT apathetic - great offering guys - I see an easy transmogrification of this into a B2B product for small teams)
@seymourgroup thanks for your note! Curious what you'd want to see out of the product. Mind sharing more?
PHers! We just launched Moody, a simple phone number you text to track your mood during this pandemic. Here's a couple quick answers to some questions we've gotten so far: - Moody doesn't require any information from you, just your phone number and your mood as you self-report it - There's no sign up, just start texting - After you text, we'll tell you how many other folks reported the same mood Please reach out or let us know if you have any other questions!