image-based music streaming app

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This looks similar to Flipagram ( that @kam_bain shared last week - Based on the App Store description, it has some collaborative components that sound unique and fun. Will check it out.
Pretty slick app. Enjoying it so far.
Hi all - I'm Founder & CEO of Moodsnap. Found this post pretty organically (which is cool!). Thanks for your comments and feedback. Happy to do a Q&A here for anything you want to know. Shout!
@DBlut7 whats next on the roadmap David? any updates worth posting here in the last 10 months?
@jonvanhala thanks for the nudge. our newest update is below
So happy to see this here. A friend has developed this! Will ask him to join the conversation.
Unfortunately you need a Spotify premium account to use this. :( Was looking forward to trying it out but not enough to upgrade Spotify for $10/mo.
@rrhoover quick update on your comment - you no longer need a Spotify account (at all) to use Moodsnap if you're in the U.S. Open door for anyone to come play and explore the world of image-driven music discovery.