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My family and I have had a rough year (deaths, etc.). We've been in the alpha and beta tests of moodprint and it's been really helpful to keep track of how we're feeling over time. It's easy to get lost in every day stress and forget to consider yourself in a more meaningful way. I also really like the signup/login flow and the simplicity of the interactions. I wouldn't expect myself to keep up with something like this but it's hard not to. The semi-randomness of the emails makes it not feel like a chore.
Big fan of email-first startups, which is how Product Hunt actually began. We should do a collection of startups that began as a simple email list. Off the top of my head, it would include AngelList, Sunrise, iDoneThis, Craiglist, and Timehop.
@rrhoover Absolutely! Email is massively underappreciated (my guess would be because it's omnipresent -- it's like water or air at this point, which we only really notice when it's messed up). Using email, especially for an MVP, is a great option.
@rrhoover Add Photojojo to that list!
@rrhoover that would be a cool collection. I forgot that a couple of these were email-first. Pretty inspiring. People (myself included) tend to forget how pervasive email still is as the killer app of the internet.
Thanks, @chadfowler and @rrhoover! I've been working on Moodprint in some form or other for almost a year now; existing mood tracking all seemed both too demanding (I have to remember to open an app or something?) and too inflexible (my mood is not just a number on a 1-5 scale). I'm really excited to see Moodprint -- and the insights that it reveals -- helping people, and there's a lot more of that in the pipeline. I'd love to hear feedback or answer questions anyone might have!
Excited to try this out and see what kind of insight it can show over time. Agreed on the e-mail first angle, big fan of this. One of my favorites was OhLife (though they are shutting down...) And - though I may be in the minority, I've found myself interacting with TimeHop much less since they switched off of the e-mail digest.
@DannySauter Agreed re: Timehop. I kinda forgot they exist, and I used to really like them :(
Would be cool if this was made into a very nicely designed mobile app
@tzhongg I totally agree! Native applications are on the roadmap, but we're trying to work out as much as we can with the web and email first.