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People always forgot something important: Android :|
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@sndrgb I reckon people always forget something even more important: privacy. The naivety in not realising that if a service does not offer encryption, nowadays, it has a vested interest in using the data generated by the client base to survive. There's a big difference between volunteering your behavioural data on things like Facebook for example, and sharing really private thoughts and feelings to services that do not present the utmost important feature: no one can read it but you. Show me any such engineering project that does not have access to data (even though most claim they'll never touch it) and maybe we can finally find that one-legged midget who's actually useful in an *rse-kicking contest.
@san_picciarelli Agreed! This is exactly why we decided to stick with iCloud only for http://DashFlow.co (since it's personal finance software), even if the user chooses to sync their bank accounts with the Plaid API. We won't store or be able to see anyone's sensitive financial data, because that's what we want as users. Even though this means we can't build an Android app, we're happy with the trade offs.
@imakestrides that's pretty cool Kyle. Kudos for that mate.
@imakestrides that's pretty cool Kyle. Kudos for that mate.
What's new in 2.0: • iCloud Sync: No more fear of losing your entries if you accidentally delete the app or drop your phone into the pool. Moodnotes has you covered. • Enhanced "Insights" dashboard: Get a clear overview of your mood over different periods of time. Discover your most common thinking traps and feelings. • Multiple reminders per day: As many as you want, as often as you want. • Dozens of new expert suggestions to help you improve your thinking habits. • New journaling prompts to reinforce or enhance positive mood.
Worth a read, the ustwo Making Moodnotes 2.0 blog post.
Love mood diaries and they change me and my doctors life. Two things I remember from version one that bugged me: not good ability to export (so I had to always show a graph in my phone to my physician) and easy to forget due lack of reminders (thought this one supposedly is solved, I would always suggest having an extra super-easy web version)