Capture your mood and improve your thinking habits

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New app from the guys at @ustwo and Thriveport. It's a journal app to help you capture your mood and improve your thinking habits. I got to test the beta for a while and although I didn't log thoughts every day the app has been beautifully designed.
Hi, the video and the screenshots both make the product very promising. But don't you think a freemium model would have been better suited for your app ? It's what Headspace is doing and it's great. I'm sure you have a great product but I would love to test it myself before paying.
@thombouttefort we definitely thought about it but we felt in the end that a one off payment was the correct approach (and our chart position in the AppStore seems to agree :)) ~ (we felt the same for Monument Valley) ~ but I do agree that in this instance freemium is definitely a possibility.
hi, really interesting product. is it only available in English? good luck
Is there a version of this for Android? I really like the emphasis on "insight" - there's a lot we can learn, simply from our own experiences