Moodline is a completely new way to track your mood. Your mood is displayed on one infinite line: just scroll to reveal the patterns and factors that influence it. Log your mood with just one tap. Explore detailed mood statistics to learn more about yourself.
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It's an important time to learn how to manage our moods as humans. Why not start with data!
Hi! My name is Igor and I’m a designer and developer based in Moscow. Me and my buddy Alexey made this simple and beautiful app called Moodline. It is a rethinking of mood tracking concept. We built it keeping two things in mind: it had to be easy to use, and needed to look great. We didn’t like that many apps display your mood as a table. In Moodline your mood is displayed on one infinite line which makes it much easier to analyze your mood and find patterns. We also didn’t like that in many apps you need to answer a lot of questions and do many taps on the screen just to log your mood. In Moodline your can do it in just one tap. Our hope is that this product will help you in tracking your mood and finding strategies to improve it. It is designed to be easy to use and beautiful to look at. Let us know what you think!
Well designed app. I really like it and use it everyday. Very cool idea! Keep it up.
@venera_gilmanova thank you! Check out the reminder feature!
Amazing app! Really useful and I enjoy the soft appearance 👍
@ari_meow_meow thank you! We put our hearts and souls into the new aesthetic, glad you liked it!
Cool app, I like the concept and design
@new_user_980ae8dd28 thanks for reaching out! Hope you enjoy tracking your mood.