Emotion tracker app to analyse your mood changes

With Moodio you can easily log your mood with just a couple of taps without writing a word.
Features: Powerful statistics, daily and monthly breakdown of your moods, Dropbox sync.
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Just downloaded it. I love when a product instantly delivers on it's VP! Well done
Very nice!! 2 tips: 1. You develope using Phonegap correct? Check for the icon ios (still the default icons). 2. try to check the color of text in status bar All this in iOS :)
Interesting idea, curious how this would effect the persons moods after using it if they see they were very sad or very happy the week before. Research idea ;) Are there reminders sent throughout the day or something to remind the person to log?
@lidiaklingenberg This is going to be added soon and you will be able to choose to receive reminder notifications every selected interval.
I live how customizable it is. Dark mode would be good to have.