Oddly satisfying videos to relax your brain.

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Awesome! My true compliments. *I am curious about two things: a) how did you find/license the content b) possible monetization options you are considering
I have an auto-play blocker setup due to sites like Bloomberg. On Youtube and other sites I can simply hit the space bar, and then click, and get the desired video to play. It seems like this doesn't work on Moodica. I'm presuming you're using HTML5 for video (and not Flash), and so wondering if you have a solution?
This is really cool - perfect for the second monitor at my desk when it's not otherwise in use!
I'd love for a pause button. I like and i plan to keep the tab always open, so i need to pause it when i don't use it. Thanks.
@ahraracho The cat video is 👌 Maybe collab with a Cat Adoption center? cc @vnessified