Soundtrack your life

Soundtrack your social videos with the touch of a fingertip. Play around with our unique tracks and create your own masterpiece.

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1 Review5.0/5
This might be a nice replacement to Mindie, one of my favorite creative apps that didn't survive. The landing page for this site is unique.
This is pretty cool! All I can think about doing is playing the music from movies when people are crossing the finish line.... and put it over videos of people falling over.
@bentossell Haha, thats a good one!
Great arrangements and choice of music. I love "Arcade"!
Awesome idea, I always find it difficult to find, pick, match songs to/for video clips. Beautiful website 😍 Cool demo before the "This is how we use it." section 👍
The landing page and user onboarding are 🔥 Pretty cool app. I will see if I have enough creativity to make something good :)