Moodbot for Slack

A Slack bot tracking employee moods + actionable data

In fast-growing startups, agencies and remote working teams often great actions doesn’t get enough and lousy experience too late attention. Moodbot fixes this – on a weekly basis. Moodbot works fully automated within Slack: weekly surveys, voting and sharing results with insightful participation- and mood-trend diagrams.

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8 Reviews5.0/5
Hey there, I'm super excited to launch Moodbot for Slack today 🚀 Thank you Chris for hunting! Your mood 🙂 at work is often related to the actions of other co-workers. For many giving kudos 🙌 to co-workers or accepting critical feedback is not easy, but an open culture is essential for a better working place 🚀 Moodbot will support you creating a more open culture. After one year of Facebook messenger bot prototyping and iterating with the slack MVP app with a group of companies in different sizes, finally, the first official Moodbot version is now available. Try free for 10 weeks and let me know any product feedback you got. Cheers, Taner
@ameritaner Does Moodbot prompt you to say why you're in that mood? e.g. what happened, who said what? Does the information stay confidential?
@abadesi yes and yes :) You can see the full Moodbot survey process here:

I've been using moodbot for about 15 weeks and think its a great tool for founders/managers to understand the general mood of the team and even close partners who are sharing a specific slack channel. Its transparent and easy to use. Great work overall!


easy, simple analytics, fast, not intruding the workflow


customizing questions would be great as an upgrade version

Great insights by sharing your mood of the last week. Graph shows "mood development" during longer time period.


Easy to use, great insights



Love this idea when you mentioned it last year ... congrats
Neat idea but I think the price is too much. I think at most it should be $1/user. Also you have a typo on your front page, an errant double comma before the "A" on the Ben Horowitz quote and a backword apostrophe at the end of it.
@codymclain Thank you for finding the typo! Regarding price: Please test Moodbot and let me know if the value justifies the price.
@codymclain @ameritaner As a slackbot the pricing is indicating that this will be 1/2 the value of slack itself. Those are some big boots to fill.
@thatmattgardner Comparing with Slack is not helping here. We could also argue the price for Moodbot is less than a fancy coffee for an employee per month. Same argument, different perspective. However, the question is: How much do you want to invest in your team?