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Hey, thanks for posting @Siwicadilly. And thanks for the comment @rrhoover. Here's the tools we've created that Ryan's referencing: As Ryan mentioned, many of these tools are related to our company Crew (, a site that connects short-term mobile and web projects with handpicked designers/developers. We decided to build each of these tools as separate sites away from Crew for a few reasons: 1. Many of these products are potential features that we're considering building into Crew. By using an external site, it allows us to test a concept without diluting Crew's core offering. 2. Because these products are on separate sites, they also have the potential to become sources for traffic back to Crew. For instance, Unsplash and How Much To Make An App are our #1 and #2 top referring sites. 3. These products are tools that we feel are useful for our industry. As a company, we try to create more than we consume and provide as much value as possible. This could mean sharing a story with a blog post or creating a small product like Moodboard.
I'm a fan of @mikaelcho and team. Everything they build feels solid and clean. @mikaelcho you guys have built several product tangential to Crew. I have assumptions but I'm curious to hear what your goals are with these projects? P.S. Here's another moodboard: Niice Moodboards
@mikaelcho With no way to create an account, what's the easiest way for someone to create and maintain multiple boards?
@_ryangilbert Unfortunately, the best way would be to save the links manually. We'll work on a way to handle this for the future.
I love this! I've just started using this as a way to collect little interactions I've recorded with LICEcap to have animated mood boards. That GIFs are supported is amazing :) Would love to see this turned into a more advanced product!
Hey guys, your product is so clean and simple, yet one of the best solutions out there. Love it. Good that u added the little sentence about if the board is private. Was the first thing I was looking for.