Check your team's mood with AI and Sentiment Analysis

Moodbit is a People Analytics tool that can help you predict and prevent burnout, risk of turnover , and forecast team performance using AI and Sentiment Analysis.
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Hi! This is the Moodbit team! Please take a look at the tool we developed to prevent and predict turnover or burnout and keep the best talents with you :)
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@mihoshoji Hello! Keeping tab on employee profile is one of the hardest things to do, unless it's you know obvious! Nice to know someone is trying to tackle this space. Got a couple of questions. Does the Slack integration listen to all messages everywhere or just to channels I give permission to? Also, are private messages being taken into account? And how does the data retention/identification work? Looking forward to a blog post about the sentiment analysis algorithm that's powering this behind the scenes :)
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@kunday Thank you for recognizing our efforts for this space! We're happy to answer your questions! Moodbit will work only on the channels you give permission to so private messages are not taken into account and we work with aggregated data which identifies the moods of a team :) Let us know if you have any further question, we're always happy to help
wow this product is interesting!
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Moodbit rocks on people analytics and its predictive features 💪👍
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Very nice! Thank you for this tool :)
@hanna_welch Thank you so much! Have a cordial greeting from the Moodbit team :)
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