Mood Listener

Handpicked playlists to fit your mood.

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Greetings Product Hunters, We believe that choosing the right music for the right mood has always been an hassle. So, in order to make our lives easier we have created Mood Listener. Mood Listener offers hand picked playlists that fits to your mood. With the most simplistic interface we allow you to sit back and enjoy the right music for the right time. We're really excited to have launched and would really appreciate any and all feedback!
Interesting concept. I'd appreciate different playlists for working to - depending on my mood or activity. Any plans for an android release?
Hi @russwrites. Thanks for your question! We are constantly making modifications and improvements based on the early adopters' feedback. We are planning to release an Android version soon as we believe the product has reached a stage where users are satisfied.
Very nice UX and UI, congrats. It won't take long to consume the playlists though, how often do you update the playlist content? Fell in love with the playlist visuals btw, are they original work for this product?
Hi @ozgurakcali. Many thanks for reaching out! We are glad to see such a positive feedback for UI/UX. We update our playlists on a daily/weekly basis and the playlist visuals are designed by @edadurust only for the Mood Listener app.
So how does this differ from Songza, or what is left of it in @googleplaymusic?
Hi @mlsj1. It is quite similar. However, we try to keep our music library up to a standard by being very selective in adding new songs.
Neat Idea. I particularly love the entire "handpicked" concept. Reminds me of a much improved Songza. This creation definitely​ has some potential. Thanks for sharing to the community!
Hi @colemanoates. Many thanks! We are glad to be receiving such positive feedback from the hunters.