Mood Climate

Measure your team's morale & personalities in slack

Mood Climate is a slack app that analyses your team's sentiment towards particular topics.

"Dinesh really dislikes the new merger"

Managers can then have a dashboard for their team's sentiment.

Another nifty feature is personality analysis.

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Hey, good job there :). Have you had the chance to try this in a real work environment? I am really curious as to how it is being received by coworkers.
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@rpergent thanks! No, not yet. This is all quite new, I expect some intersting results
Ahoy product hunters! Mood Climate is a side project I've been working on for some time. Basically sentiment & topic analysis in slack. A tool for managers to be better in touch with their team and morale. Empathy as a service. It was built using laravel and IBM watson. It was fun to build and I hope you enjoy it. Cheers! Gareth.
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Its a bit scary - how does it work? it only scans public messages?
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@evgeniy_chernyshov yes only public messages. So you add to slack, choose your channels (only public) and then the system will analyse sentiment, topics and personalities.
@gareth_edwards1 well, I think facebook did their best in scanning our interests, and we both know where they are)) Hope this not ends same way!
gareth_edwards1 Great tool . I am just hopeful for an awesome experience in using it :)
It is boring thing.
"@matiasdurspect really dislikes the new product" (sorry, had to ✌😺)