MooCow 3.0

Securely hide your photos & videos with passcode and FaceID

MooCow is a privacy-centric photo and video app that protects your personal media with a passcode or Face ID.
MooCow doesn't even connect to the internet, so you can be sure your data stays on your device and is only seen by you!
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Big fan of @_scottjulian's apps — straightforward, honest, and well designed. There are a lot of skeevy apps in the App Store that offer similar functionality (i.e. protecting your media with Face ID or a passcode) but are sadly often riddled with ads and trackers. Not the case with MooCow! It doesn't even connect to the internet (except to allow you to upgrade with an IAP)! Here's what's new in v3.0: - macOS File Sharing! - Preserve Creation Dates! - New Icons! - Improved Performance! - Animated Gifs! - Custom Grid Sizes! - Updated UI/UX - Sorting! - New App Icons!
Thanks for the hunt! In a world with dwindling privacy, I wanted to provide people with apps that they can be certain aren't harvesting their data. Especially photos and videos! v3.0.0 marks a big update to performance and usability with macOS file sharing, wifi file manager, animated gif support, and the preservation of file creation dates! All of your data stays on your device (and iCloud backup if you enable it) so you can be sure that I am not sending copies to 3rd party servers.
Could you guys built in 256 AES Encryption? I would have tried then!