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To be completely honest, I'm not sure the "PH model" (a daily curation of new things) works for serious education/MOOC's. If you're going to invest several hours in learning something, you want to find the absolute best resource which often isn't what's brand new. Thoughts, @alikayhann? P.S. @dr_hurd curated a great collection of site to learn just about anything called Get Schooled.
@alikayhann @dr_hurd @rrhoover Agreed, I recently started diving into Machine Learning/AI and was overwhelmed with the breadth of resources available. It seems like every day, I discover a new data science, python, or linear algebra course (preliminary concepts) that end up actually distracting me from that learning path. I spent the last few days pairing the list of concepts with the "absolute best" 1-2 resources. "Absolute best" means vouched for by experts in the field and in a learning medium that works for me.
@rrhoover agreed. Also as MOOCs transition into certificates and being more credit bearing, so it is good to think longer term and not necessarily focus on new.
@rrhoover Hey Ryan, thanks for your comment! Yes, you are right that no one can be sure about the quality of a MOOC when it first comes out but at MOOC Hunt, I want and am planning to include MOOCs which are already over there for some time and proven its quality because some MOOCs are timeless and never start, I mean they are all self-paced and you can start them any time, content is there. As another thing, a MOOC is usually given and has been started for many times at different terms of the year. Therefore, that MOOC may sound new but if you have taken or known about the prior version, you can suggest it to your friends this time to catch up the schedule. Lastly, I usually jump into some really new courses if they are from reputable universities or institutions such as Harvard, Stanford etc. I love exploring them when I trust the MOOC provider and hope the people at MOOC Hunt will do so too! :) Thanks for sharing @dr_hurd's collection. These are some valuable resources I need to check.
@rrhoover @mchang @patel0phone Maybe I should add an "Enroll responsibly" warning on the homepage. :)
YES! This is awesome, I am so tired of spending hours of googling open-source courses. This way someone hunts them for me. :D
MOOC Hunt is basically PH for open online courses. I believe that open online courses can help many people who did not have the opportunity for a solid education in reputable schools and they can shrink the inequality among different parts of the world. Therefore, I totally have huge respect for all the effort and people involved in preparing and providing open online courses. To be a very small part of this MOOC thing and in order to provide a daily-refreshed list of online courses over the Internet and a community where people can share and comment about online courses, I built MOOC Hunt. Anyone can join MOOC Hunt and share their favorite courses along with their comments for them or any other content on the website.
@alikayhann love htat you built this. what's your experience/involvement in MOOCS - have you been working in MOOCs or have you taken them? How are you thinking about building your community? check this out @raybatra
@alikayhann certainly the online education space is missing good directories. But I feel that what is working more than Massive and Free MOOCs are Targeted and Paid online courses created by experts. We've seen a few here on PH already. So an Online Education Hunt with a broader spectrum would be more interesting IMHO.
@eriktorenberg Good morning Erik (yeah, time zones)! Thanks for your comment. I, once, was involved in a MOOC preparing phase during my undergrad education at my school but it was kinda bad experience and taught me how a MOOC shouldn't be. However, as a student, I have taken many MOOCs, especially from Coursera when I discovered it back in 2012. I love learning new things and I love doing it at my own pace, most of the time. So, MOOCs are some precious things for me. For building the community, I am planning to spread the word about MOOC Hunt in some groups focused on MOOCs and I actually want to encourage people to post about their favorite or newly discovered interesting courses to MOOC Hunt and to become a contributor for the community with said posts and comments. Thank you again for you comment and interest!
@matteoc Yes Matteo, you are right that it might be useful to include some expert courses too, as long as they can be accessed at a reasonable price, such as lynda's courses etc. I mostly prefer academic courses from universities but as you mentioned there are also experts out there providing some valuable content.
@alikayhann Disclaimer: I teach and sell online courses. There is quite some debate on the current state of the Mooc, so to speak. Some are pointing the finger on the price, saying that "free" is one of the factors that is harming the Mooc's completion rates, thus making it an overall unsuccessful educational offer. I believe in universal access to great educational content, but I also see how high price points deliver more value to both teachers and students.
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