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Hi Product Hunt! You already use email as a todo list, except all your tasks are created by someone else and you can’t prioritize or rearrange them. So we embraced email’s todolistyness and built an email client inside of a powerful task manager, giving email all the tools of a powerful task management system. Cool new things you can do with your emails: - Tasks, emails, notes, projects, files, and appointments together in one place - Drag emails right onto your todo list and calendar - Work with multiple email labels side by side - Organize with GTD and Kanban at the same time - Sort your inbox by priority Extreme privacy: The app communicates directly with Gmail, so your emails are never stored on or read by our servers. We have no access to any of your data because it is stored in and synced by your Google Drive account. Why we approached email this way and how it works: Recent reviews: Exclusive for Product Hunters: Get a one month free trial of Premium
@jmeistrich what's the difference comparing to Yanado for example?
@jmeistrich oh - I missed "todolistyness" on the SAT, but now I see the Latin root...can't believe I missed it...
@bogomep Yanado and many other email + task apps start with email and put simple task management on top of it. We went the other way: is a powerful general purpose organizer and task manager with an email client inside of it. Our goal is to make email as powerful as a full-featured organization system. I wrote more about this here if you're interested:
@jmeistrich Hey! Does it create new lists/folders inside gmail?
I've been a paying premium user for the last... year! has replaced Workflowy, Todoist, and my personal Trello board. Really happy user, and their development pace is great. The Gmail plugin is a good example. It has slowly become my preferred daily email client because of the strong todo + calendar actions.
Looks great! What do you think is the most powerful feature for productivity?
@frankdenbow The main thing we’re excited about for email is that itself is a powerful organization system supporting all the cool modern organization methods, like GTD and Kanban (at the same time!). Integrating Gmail into means that email now has all the power of a full task manager, instead of being an unmanageable list sorted by received time.
For a minute, I thought Moo, the business cards company, launched an app.
@rrhoover We're going to use them for business cards as a show of bovinerly support.
This is something I've needed for awhile! Seems to work so much better than my antiquated labeling system.