The world's smartest photo storage and management device.

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Hi. I'm the co-founder of Monument Labs and we have launched our campaign on Wednesday and it's already 105% funded. Let me quickly tell you why we have started Monument: We take more photos than ever and it's a huge problem to easily store and organize them. Traditional solutions take a lot of time and cloud solutions force users to pay monthly fees forever, and the whole privacy thing! We set out to make managing our photos as easy as taking them. Monument in a nutshell: - Seamless syncing, via Wi-Fi for smartphones and using SD cards for cameras - Organizes everything by time, location, faces and what's in them. (e.g. search for beach to find your beach photos, without prior tagging) - Enjoy on TV, share with family and friends - Go out and take more pictures 🎉 We're happy to answer your questions.
Nice. I can't stand photo management. Maybe this could help.
Looks great! Congratulations.
Can not wait to have this delivered so I can finally stop dealing with iCloud
Really cool project and happy I backed you guys! Can't wait to get mine 💪