Monthly Million

Make a millionaire every month. Donate 20% to charity.

If one million people gave a single dollar to someone, they could become a millionaire. We are an embodiment of this idea and an extension of the MillionaireMakers sub-reddit. The difference? We also donate 20% to charity. Join today and change a life.

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This is something totally out of the box and weird useful, but what's the criteria for selection?
@startupguysnet Criteria is simple. Enter your email on the website. Donations are key so the lucky monthly winner and Charity of the Month can benefit, so we highly encourage everyone to do a dollar subscription if they can!
@startupguysnet @codycross I don’t feel like you answered the question. What is the criteria for selection? If it’s just entering your email then this becomes a lottery, or a raffle, which subjects it to a clusterf*ck of legal red tape.
Holy cow - what a crazy idea. How did you come up with this :P? PS. I think it would be useful to add more social proof, such as how many people have donated so far each month? Also, your logo looks identical to University of Minnesota's one.
@siimon_sander We got the idea from but the sub was abandoned earlier this year. They also didn't have any charity component, which we thought would be a great addition. We've gotten a ton of feedback to share data, and we have this at the top of our roadmap. If you subscribe we share this information regularly in our email updates!
@siimon_sander Also, go gophers :p
@siimon_sander hardly the same logo
A tally of how many people are involved would be pretty awesome, but joining in
@jamilvelji As I mentioned in another reply, we have gotten quite a bit of similar feedback. Transparency is key. This at the top of our roadmap. If you enter your email on the site, we share this information regularly in our email updates.
Hi there! We are the Monthly Million team and this is our submission for the ProductHunt global hackathon. Our MVP is ready to go and we wanted to share with you & gather feedback before the end of the month. Please join, subscribe, and share with your friends. The first drawing will take place on December 1st.
@codycross Very novel concept - how do you pick the recipient and charities?
@abadesi we are right in the middle of building out the voting and charity nomination component, which will give all participants access to vote. We are still trying to decide between a 1 vote per person and a "upvote as much as you want" UX. Any thoughts on this?
@codycross Tricky! The latter makes it easier for users to abuse the system / leverage troll farms etc 😱
This is epic!
@naterez94 Thanks for sharing :)