Monthly Java

Supporting local roasters one box at a time

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I wanted to share my side project I started a few months ago. I love coffee subscriptions but they never focus on the small local roasters. I decided to create a subscription box that buys from local small-batch coffee roasters. We don't repackage anything so you are getting a bag of their coffee as if you went to the coffee shop yourself. So far, the local roasters LOVE us doing this as they are always competing against bigger corporations. It's a side project, so any suggestions or thoughts are appreciated!
@travisweathers how does this compare with Mistobox?
@chrismessina Great question. 1. Mistobox comes with a much smaller amount of coffee and the coffee beans are repackaged. Monthly Java sends two full bags from each roaster, that's at least of 24oz of coffee each box. 2. We ship small third wave roasters so we have a small subscriber base as the mom and pop roasters can't thousands of pounds a month. 3. We also go state to state so you will be able to experience coffee roasters from the west coast to the east coast. Let me know if you have more questions!
Thanks everyone for upvoting us!