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In some domains (pun intended) simplicity is not enough.
@shauli_daon Hey Shauli, yes you're right, that's why we're pivoting our model, and use Monte CMS as a resource for developers. We intend to make everything work through developers, and managed by users. Let us know what you think
Hey everyone! We started firstly as a CMS startup but unfortunately, users didn't know how to apply design skills on their website. Therefore, we decided to aggressively pivot to a user-centred startup and launched the co-pilot, who is doing everything for the user. Everything will start through chatting with our developers, and after the website is built, the client will get access to the whole Monte ecosystem. It's an entirely new system, it works, and we're ready to help you create a personalised website in a better way! Let us know what you think, Much appreciated!
@sfinciuc Co-pilot is a really good idea. I know a number of low-tech people who have a lot of trouble with Squarespace and Wix. How much time to expect to have to help each user? I'm sure you could automate a lot of this to free up your developers time. Best of luck - I'll tell some people.
@kbclauson Thanks for reaching out! Based on statistics, the first draft we usually get done in 30 - 60mins next day, then the revisions continue for 2 -3 days, up to 1 week should be the maximum time. The cool thing is that most of the revisions are related to texts and images, but once you explain 1-to-1 how to edit, the client changes by himself. Yes, you're right, there are countless moments, where we could free up the time for developers :). Thanks, Kaben!
@sfinciuc I have a question regarding the ability to download and host the site afterward (as shown in your screenshots). Does it mean that I can also download the CMS and all the code behind it or just static html and asset files? Also, is it possible to create dynamic entities (similar to Webflow) with monte? Or you are fixed to the readily available entities such as galleries or articles?
@vu_nguyen Hey Vu, We're going to allow this option certainly after 6 months of hosting on our system for free. For now, we didn't think on providing it right away for a price or so. But yes, the website is totally separate from us, it's a PHP standalone CMS.
How do you position yourself in the market compared to other established simple website builder (Wix, Squarespace), Webflow, etc ?
@raphchabaud It's a bit confusing, I get it. We've been hunted on producthunt right when we were pivoting and "All in one platform for building websites" is not right. We changed from a site builder towards a user-centred. The user sends us the requirements, developers prepare the layout and at the end he gets access to Monte CMS, to manage everything, send newsletter and more. Monte is not a build-yourself type, it's designed to be managed. That's the best we could think of to improve the conversion :) Wix has a conversion of 2.4% -- We expect to get at lest 20%, because the user usually doesn't have the design skills and time to make a beautiful website.
Hey this is great, just a quick question does it have any integration with Wordpress ? Thanks 😊
@ayush_chandra Hey Ayush, no, it's a completely different CMS. We have a script which imports data from Wordpress, though :)
If only I could link a screenshot to you. The site is jacked on mobile right now.