Effortless photo books, made with love.

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Awesome team, wonderful product. One stop shop for crafting physical books from special memories. Trivia: also built using Dart. If you have any techt-stack related questions: Dan @dan_schultz might be able to help out :)
Thanks @__tosh! We also used @WebComponents to build out the book editor's UI.
Welp... This makes me feel like my wedding photographer was over paid for those photo albums. These look great and that editor is slick
this is an awesome concept - i'm going to buy one. i wonder about the business potential: 1) how are they acquiring customers? 2) how did they arrive at at that pricing? 3) what are the margins?
Adding this one to my "mom would love this" Product Hunt collection. She uses Shutterstock now but this looks slick. Check it out, @shreebobnish.
We just got ownership of all our wedding photos. Putting together a physical collection of our favorite photos is a weekend project I want to do. I will now be putting this together with Montage. @KristoferTM We didn't pay for the expensive book the photographer offered. I think their margins on that are way too good.
@eric3000 You sir, were smarted than I