Fast, simple game but with real deep strategy

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How to play:

Monsiv is a bit like chess except simpler and faster.

It's easy to learn how to play, but requires good strategy to play well.

The games are fast, draws are impossible and you can surprise your opponent by swapping pieces next to each other.

Have fun!



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Harley BaileyMaker@harley_bailey · Monsiv
Hi everyone - I'm the maker of the game and I'm here to answer any questions or comments you have!
Anna Filou@anna_0x · Tech Geek, Web Designer
Hey, this is pretty cool. Feel like chess but way faster and you only have to remember a couple of simple rules!
Harley BaileyMaker@harley_bailey · Monsiv
@anna_0x Thanks Anna, glad you like it!
what technology and framework does this application use?
Harley BaileyMaker@harley_bailey · Monsiv
@sametbekmezci Hi Samet, # The frontend is riotjs, with animate.css for the animations. # The backend is just a raw nodejs websocket server, hosted on heroku. It's setup to scale horizontally with redis pub/sub. # Redis is also used for the database. # auth0 is used for authenticating users.
@harley_bailey Thank you.