Mons Mist

Conditioning spray for pubic hair and skin

As women feel less societal pressure to resemble their pre-puberty selves (or pornstars πŸ˜…) D2C brands are embracing the body hair revolution, including Flamingo with this affordable mist I can see being tucked into many handbags and gym bags worldwide.
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Just read about this in @gyllanderjenny Thing Testing Close Friends newsletter: "Mons Mist combines the lightness of water with the potency of oils in an easily applied, delicate spray. Jojoba and coconut oils nourish growing hairs, and offer hydration to maintain the skin barrier."
@abadesi I haven't tried the product but the trend is definitely interesting... Thank you for being a Thingtesting Close Friend Aba xx <3
@gyllanderjenny @abadesi I think this is a great example of the untapped business ideas that have been delayed due to patriarchy and misogyny in the business world. When I'm an investor, I'm definitely be supporting femtech and sextech products because they help to accelerate the world out from under cloud we've been in since the beginning of time.
@gyllanderjenny @theanthonyware πŸ’―, great insight thank you!