Easily remember and organize products you want to buy

monote lets you save products from around the web to find them again later:

↳ Remember the things you want to buy πŸ’Έ

↳ Organize your products in different collections πŸ“¦

↳ Make smarter purchase decisions πŸ™

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Hi Product Hunters! πŸ‘‹ Today is a special day for me: I've been actively using PH for years, but this is the first time I'm posting as a Maker - yay! :) ✨ I quit my job in October last year to learn how to code and build something of my own and monote is the result of these last few months! πŸ˜” THE PROBLEM ____ I often stumble upon interesting products on the web, but then can't find them again later. I used to be a big fan of Svpply back in the day, but never found a good alternative when it was shut down (RIP). 😌 THE SOLUTION ____ So I decided to built my own tool: monote is a bookmarking app for products. It's a little a Chrome Extension that lives in your browser and whenever you see something interesting you can quickly add it to your Wants. (If you don't use Chrome you can also add things directly on the site). πŸ“¦ ORGANIZE PRODUCTS IN COLLECTIONS ____ Instead of just having one big wishlist, you can organize your products in different collections. I have collections for Books I Want to Read, Furniture I Like (I just moved into a new apartment and don't want to buy the first best thing I see) and keep track of all my belongings (I try to live a minimalistic life style). You can also build collections based on articles, videos, books or podcasts: I often find myself listening to podcasts or reading blog articles that mention a lot of products and wish there was a quick way to find and save them. Here are a few examples: * Marc Andreesen Reading List ( * Blue Bottle Brewing Tools ( * Tim Ferriss' best purchases under $100 ( πŸ—’FOR LIST JUNKIES ____ All collections are available as lists and let you sort the containing items by name, comment, category or price. Take this collection of all products listed in Tools of Titans for example: You order it alphabetically by product name, by the person who recommended it and by product category. I hope you'll find monote as useful as I do and come up with other clever ideas how to use it :) Happy to answer any questions you might have! PS: I'm a terrible programmer and this is literally the first time I built a product, so if you encounter any bugs (which I'm sure you will) - please let me know! ;)
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Forgot to add: Big thanks to the entire 🚧 WIP Community for all the feedback and encouragement! :)
@lehrjulian I like the simple design, upvoted! Can you tell more about the chrome extension and how you build it (tutorials, sites, links…)? Thank you!
Design on this is absolutely refreshing. Love the whole style
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@levelsio thanks pieter! :)
@levelsio +1. The monochromatic design is unique. πŸ‘πŸΌ The concept also reminds me a bit of Kit.
@levelsio @rrhoover Thanks Ryan :) Kit is awesome, but it always felt more like monetization platform for influencers rather than the bookmarking tool I wanted to use. Definitely a big source of inspiration though (keep up the great work @camillionz & @naveen πŸ‘‹)
I have been using it for few weeks and love the idea and the execution. Can't wait for the community to grow to find out more cool things!
@ciaoben thanks :) Until then you can check out these collections I really like: - Book recommendations from Peter Thiel - A list of cool things that come in black - Nice keyboards

I was one of the lucky ones to be allowed to use Monote during its Beta. What can I say besides that I truly love it!

I have been an avid Svpply user a couple of years back before it was shut down and was waiting for something to replace it - and here it finally is! :D


Design obviously, Easiness to use, Practicality


Why did it take so long for something to be created to replace the original Svpply!

I love the design! 😍 And keen to see where do you grow the product. One suggestion for the design: I only can see 2 of those products in the front-page, I found them a bit big, You may try something smaller to see how it looks?
@morajabi thanks mohammad! :) interesting feedback: so you mean show 3 or more columns of cards rather than just 2?
@lehrjulian Maybe but I just thought it is a lot of scroll to see more products :)
@morajabi thanks! i'll add this to the feature request list!