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I love monosnap. I use it pretty much everyday for taking & annotating screenshots. It's also super easy to drag into Slack to quickly share with co-workers.
Hi there! I am one of Monosnap developers and I will gladly answer any questions you have about the product.
@pak_76 hey! what service do you recommend for uploads the most? I currently have monosnap hooked up to S3.
@mscccc it'd be a shame if I wouldn't recommend Monosnap :) Files are actually stored on S3, as you can guess from the final links, yet they are available through more convenient web UI. User's S3 has its own advantages like low cost, compared to SFTP server or Dropbox paid account. But personally I find S3 not that convenient to manage your screenshots/file, especially if you have a lot of them.
@pak_76 oh cool, i've never actually tried your upload/storage. I'll try today :)
@pak_76 @mscccc I use Monosnap hooked up to Evernote to quickly share screenshots with my team. Evernote allows me to go back and easily delete technical drawings and stuff so they aren't viewable to anyone on the internet. Number one reason I stopped using the amazing program Lightshot ( was we kept sending proprietary CAD drawings back and forth on publically viewable links.
Adding to the Startup Bootstrapper's Productivity Tools PH Collection!
I'm a Monosnap junkie using it since Evernote rolled their own version of Skitch. Awesome stuff.
Looks like it can do a little more than @skitch by @evernote? Nice work.
@mikelholford at first Skitch 1.x (pre-Evernote version) was our muse. So, yes, some of the features were inspired by this nice app.
@pak_76 RIP Skitch 1.0 /cc @atariboy