The smart water cooler who orders water itself.

Monolith is the smart water cooler who orders water itself.

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Hi, Product Hunt! So excited to be here! Everyone, who has been using water cooler, knows, it is not a convenient thing. But we had decided it! There is a bit about our cooler: Monolith is a smart and convenient water cooler for 3 to 5-gallon bottles. It tracks the amount of water dispensed and sends this data to the Apas Utility server, where it is analyzed and used to create water delivery orders as needed, determining the quantity and delivery dates. The user has access to the cooler statistics and Apas services via our mobile application. By integrating with Apple Health, the user receives personalized recommendations and reminders. Monolith is a cooler with a bottom bottle loader, with a convenient height that allows you to pour water without bending down. Pouring is performed without contact (to the surface of the machine), simply by placing a glass under the tap (thanks, sensors). Water temperature is adjusted in the 45°-79°F range, depending on the surrounding temperature. The cooler is controlled by a microprocessor with a real-time OS, providing advanced protection from remote hacking - unlike IoT devices running on Linux. For now, we've created a fully functional prototype which now is being prepared for mass-production. Happy to answer any questions you may have!
Hope to see your water coolers all over the world
@alexpazhyn Thank you! we, too)
Looks pretty LOT! Are you still a part of РУКИ incubator?
@stasraksha Looks pretty LOT because it's the same black) Not anymore.