Tasks, pull requests, alerts, messages all in one place

Monolist is a global inbox for engineers:
βœ… One list for all your work – tasks, message, pull requests
🧠 Intelligent reminders when work is slipping through the cracks
πŸ—“ Time-block directly from the inbox
πŸ” Instantly search across all of your tools
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4 Reviews5.0/5
Hmmm. This will make my life a lot easier!
πŸ‘‹ Hi PH! We're Scott, Jake, and Akshay – the co-founders of Monolist. We started Monolist after years of spending too much time managing work, and not enough time doing work. The number of tools we use every day has drastically increased, work is spread across so many places, and important tasks slip through the cracks. So we built something to bring it all together. Monolist is a global inbox that pulls in your most important tasks, pull requests, documents, and messages into one feed where you can search, or take action with full context. The "feedification" of work, driven by tools like Slack, forces us to make thousands of micro-decisions per day. Feeds are great for some things, like discovering important updates, but they're terrible to-do lists. We want to move away from a world dominated by notifications. We want to give you one list that tells you what you need to do across all the tools you use, with all of the context necessary to actually complete the tasks. Please send any feedback to me directly! Akshay
@monolist @akshay_nathan Looking great! I've added it to my task management collection on
@monolist @akshay_nathan Interesting! Is it a dev only approach or do you consider it applicable to other R&D personas such as product or design?
@cwehrung In the long-term, we want Monolist to be the place everyone starts their day at work. At the moment, we're tailoring the product primarily to engineers, who deal with a lot of information across tasks, pull requests, and alerts. However, Monolist can definitely be used by other roles, particularly for managing tasks, document comments, and alerts, in addition to providing a search layer across all the tools you use.
Really cool app! You should consider posting on as well :)
First impression, WOW! Then I noticed the price. Its super convenient but not for $240/year. If this was $3-5/month I could justify the cost against other paid subscriptions.
There's a high cost to time lost at work, particularly for software engineers. We have a two-week free trial, hopefully enough time to see if it's worth it to you! After the trial, you can take advantage of the Product Hunt discount. Let me know what you think!
@monolist @akshay_nathan Great job guys, looks really good so far. Would be good to see list of current (and potentially roadmapped) integrations somewhere -- will help inform decision to buy.
@monolist @akshay_nathan @olamide_lawal Thanks Olamide! The integrations we currently support are: Asana, Jira, Trello, GitHub, GitLab, Slack, Google Drive, Google Calendar, and Gmail. You have a good point that we should outline these more clearly somewhere obvious. We'll look into doing so ASAP.