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Utku CanMaker@utku · Product @MOO @OffsetHQ
Thanks for submitting @robjama. 👋🏼Hey! I'm Utku and I worked as the product lead on Monogram. A team of five of us made Monogram here in London, UK. If you have any questions, post away and I'll answer them here. Thanks!
Utku CanMaker@utku · Product @MOO @OffsetHQ
I thought it might be fun to share some of the story of how Monogram came to be. Here is the first paper prototype of Monogram @tomtaylor and I made. At the time, Monogram would be called Origami or Mosaic, and we went with Mosaic. (We were never sure on the name, and about a couple of months to launch, we changed it to Monogram.) The original idea was to let you create something that was between an online profile, portfolio, and a CV that lived on your mobile phone and used a bunch of services you connected to it. We pitched the idea with this very paper prototype to @richardmoross, the CEO of MOO.
Utku CanMaker@utku · Product @MOO @OffsetHQ
We burned through a *lot* of Luxe cards prototyping. Luckily, they were free! 😁
Utku CanMaker@utku · Product @MOO @OffsetHQ
Here are some of the initial wireframes I had drawn up for card types. On the first iteration, we were heavy on a LinkedIn integration that would pull in rich data about what you do at work. Unfortunately, LinkedIn aren't willing to open up API access to support cards like that, leading us to abandon idea...
Utku CanMaker@utku · Product @MOO @OffsetHQ
At the same time, we were doing early visual explorations of how Monogram cards may look. Shout out to @socketstudios for the amazing work on these. I'm still hoping we get to implement some of these ideas in the later versions.
Robleh JamaHunter@robjama · Product @Shopify prev.@Tiny Hearts acq'd
Here's a nice looking and smart mobile portfolio app from Moo - - you can organize your work With the ability to share your work if you're offline and via the web.
Tom Richards@thricha · Product Manager @ Facebook ex Intercom
Looks great Utku :)
Charlie Rowat@charlesrowat · Innovation Consultant, Market Gravity
I beta tested this and found it so easy to use. My job is so hard to explain to people, so it's nice to have something lightweight that I can point them to where I can tell the story. It reminds me in a way of Both are visual alternatives to LinkedIn. @utku - do you have any plans to add a social network aspect, for example being able to browse other monograms?