Mono Name

Curated CSV list of available domains for your next project

Weekend project to help or even inspire makers with curated list of available domains. Users can get one random suggestion or download the full list.

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Hi @mightyalex and @kirovskanatasha This looks amazing. I read more about it IndieHackers page and hence little confused. You say that " this is primarily the public listing of CSV list of available domains we've been maintaining in the past few years." Is there any particular reason that you continued to track them but didn't actually buy it? If all these were manually selected, why didn't you thought to register it and then try to sell it etc? Aren't these domains that good or it's just that you aren't much-interested domain flipping/exchanging stuff. Also, I tried to refresh pages many times and noticed that these domains are being repeatedly displayed in random order. Since there are total 250 domains only in the database. Is there any way to surf them all for free? Also, suppose I purchased the whole list for $10. We will get a .txt version of all TLDs listed. Is that it? Or you will continue to add more domains and we will be getting those details as well. If yes, then how? Through weekly emails? Here is my feedback that may convert this tool into a small SaaS. :) Create an option to login to the dashboard so that the paid members can see all these domains at once and sorted based on their availability. Keep adding new domains every day/week. For early adopters- Give a lifetime deals for $10 or $29 to have access to this continuously growing and updated domain lists and once you get hundreds of early adopters, create a monthly plan of $5 ( or so) or yearly plan of $49 ( or so) for this access. Makes sense? Even in the current scenario, you are giving everything for $10. So, you just need to tweak this model a little and create a dashboard for us. Best wishes.
This is the type of feedback we've been expecting from the PH community, so thank you :) To answer your questions: > We've been maintaining the list for us i.e. projects we could build in the future and the domain ideas brainstorming started since we made, where people described their projects and we would think of a name with available domain for free. We haven't been interested or tried to register and resell these domains. > Your subscription idea is very good. We've made this as a weekend project and we've been updating it with features every day. For now we sell the full list as a downloadable .csv file where you buy it once and receive each new update over email. This is good for early adopters as you say, but I'll see how we can implement a subscription model in near future. The dashboard is easy to make and I'll probably make it. Same for the repeating random domains, I just haven't got the time in the past week since we've started this :) Thanks again for the great feedback.
@mightyalex Thanks for the quick reply. :) I was going through your ( and Natasha's) other projects and I must say that you have a very keen 'design' sense. I have already gone through 100+ TLDs displayed on and have already booked a few. Also planning to walk with you Gumroad to get the future updated domains easily. I will be looking forward to the 'dashboard' thing with following few features - Ability to see the 'availability' status of all the listed domains. -Sorting of domains based on TLD type like .com .co etc. - Since the paid member will be able to see all listed domains at once, I want an option to sort them based on their current status ( available or sold) - Favorite/star mark the domains for future buying. -Integration with the most reliable yet cheapest .com domain registrars like NameSilo or Dynadot ( Renewal at Namecheap is costly. You may want to visit for current TLD pricings ). Actually, I am working on a 'startup branding' related project for some time and I believe that mono-name can be much more useful than other tools that I was using till now. So, I am looking forward to this ( and to some fruitful partnership opportunities too :) ) - I also suggest you create a free account on and share a public roadmap with us rather than using Twitter for this. :) Cheers, Nitesh
Looks cool tool. Any way to have an option which are preferred extension I want suggestions from?
@evivz Thank you. I have filters in the to-do list :) In this thread you can follow the progress