Mobile testing cloud

A smart bot that test-drive your app over a wide range of real devices, looking for crashes and potential risks. As a results it gives an outstanding report containing test-video and performance indicators on the client side (mobile app).

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Hello Hunters! Sharing with you Monkop, that allows Android devs & testers to automatically test-drive their apps with just a push of a button. For a fast try, you just upload the app and Monkop's crawler will install and find crashes alone providing unique data insights about how the app behaves in real devices. The report includes: recorded videos, screenshots and charts to drill down the problems and get suggestions to fix it. No log-diving! Awesome reports shows market share analysis, performance times (startup, database, rendering), network consumption, battery drain, CPU, memory, threads and more. I hope you can try it and give some feedback to us, best
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Wow.! This product has made me believe that there are people out there that are building stuff that is packaged in a way that makes the user feel a sense of connection. As far as the usefulness is concerned , not a lot of people know that integrating SDK's is a tough job to do and maintain (Even if you have done everything you possibly can) and it shows up in the app size (Which matters a lot for Android devices specifically in the growing markets) and not having to connect stuff with a SDK is a great way. Best of luck :)
@h_halvi Thanks Harsha, we are trying to make life easier to devs and testers. Today it is very expensive to properly test on Android, and it is hard to maintain / create an own device lab.
Thanks Ben! (@bentossell) We are happy to be here!