MonkeyWorks Monitor

Marketing AI sent to Slack - now with AdWords!

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Alex Scott
Alex ScottMaker@alexscottco · Cofounder,
Hello Hunters, We’re really excited to share the MonkeyWorks Monitor with you all! This tool delivers AdWords notifications that help you save money and catch expensive problems before they become catastrophic. It’s so much more than a bot. It’s artificial intelligence built for marketers, highlighting critical issues that need attention. Right now the messages go to your Slack channel, so you want to make sure you’ve set that up first. This also works best for advertisers who have conversion tracking turned on. Hope you like it and we’re continuing to build this out so we definitely want to hear from you about what notifications/features you want!
Corey O
Corey OHiring@coreyo · Senior Product Manager at Madison Reed
@alexscottco looks cool! I'm interested in the optimizely feature. What are some best the alerts you can set up?
Alex Scott
Alex ScottMaker@alexscottco · Cofounder,
@coreyo Good news is that we do all the alert setup for you - the intelligence is built in.  For example, you might want to check on your experiment if a live variation suddenly isn’t getting any visitors. You can see some of the issues we keep an eye on over here:
Thompson Bellingrath
Thompson Bellingrath@tbellingrath · Revenue wonk & I love product.
@alexscottco Looks awesome Matt. For the next notification I vote for Twitter and Google Analytics.
Alex Scott
Alex ScottMaker@alexscottco · Cofounder,
@tbellingrath Killer. I'll dogear it on our schedule. And if you have specific notifications that'll help you, hit me up or add details here:
Jake Mor
Jake Mor@jakemor · Code, Design & Marketing
Amazing logo!
Alex Scott
Alex ScottMaker@alexscottco · Cofounder,
@jakemor Thanks! We've been bringing it to life, but needs a name. Thoughts?
Kelly Dern
Kelly Dern@kellydern · Visual Designer
Love it! Awesome job :)
Darrin Weyers
Darrin WeyersMaker@darrinweyers · Founder @ Affiliate Awesome
Hello all. Part of the MonkeyWorks team here. Thanks everyone for helping us reach this milestone. As marketers we welcome tools that help us be smarter and do our jobs better. Monitor fits squarely in this category. And there's more awesome stuff to come. Please give it a try and let us know your thoughts.
Vanessa Krumb
Vanessa KrumbMaker@techwow · Co-founder,
Hey Everybody! Co-founder of MonkeyWorks here. I'm hugely excited to see how many people have voted for the Monitor today. We're on a mission to save marketers time and money - to make your lives easier, and this is just the beginning. Try it out and tell me what you think here on Product Hunt or ping us @monkeychatter. Much ❤, Vanessa