Monitor webpages and get fresh data sent to your webhooks.

#4 Product of the DayOctober 14, 2019
Stop wasting time opening websites to see if something has changed.
Every time a webpage changes, Monitoro calls your webhook with up-to-date data.
Overall, Monitoro:
1- Scrapes structured data
2- Watches data for changes
3- Sends fresh data to webhooks
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Hello Product hunt community! I am happy to share with you Monitoro, a SaaS to monitor pages for changes, extract structured data and send it to a webhook of your choice. I build it initially to scratch my own itch, monitoring e-commerce websites of varying natures to watch price changes for some products I'm interested on. Shoot me any questions and I'll be happy to answer. Check it out!
@omneity Monitoro looks great, and not only for eCommerce! Sweet :) How about an interview about it at Send me an email to Paul(at) if interested!
@paul_shuteyev Hi Paul! Thank you for reaching out and for your kind words! I just wrote you.
@omneity Thanks, replying to your email now :)
What if you combine this with clearbit type data and push updates in real time? No idea how but that would be sick.
Hey @clinton_skakun1 , thank you for your interest! Monitoring APIs is a very interesting idea indeed. Out of curiosity, would you feel comfortable sharing your clearbit API token with a service like Monitoro, if it allowed you to monitor when data entries change (and trigger a webhook obviously)? Assume you could tune the frequency at which Clearbit credits are consumed.
@clinton_skakun1 You could do this in dashdash already actually
Looks great, been looking for something like this since changedetection went offline... thanks for putting this together! A few quick questions - what's the expected price post-beta, are there any plans for intermediate tiers, and on the free plan, the 250 requests are per day/month?
Thank you @neeldhara for your time and your comment! The price post-beta is not clear yet, as I am still figuring out the various dimensions and the cost structure of the service. For the time being 49$/month allows you to indulge in all the scraping you need! And I will make sure the transition out of the beta is as smooth as possible to existing users. The 250 requests for the free plan are allotted per month. It's an early guess at what could be a fair plan to explore the product, and it will be subject to adjustments as time goes. > been looking for something like this since changedetection went offline What is the use case you have in mind, if I might ask? Happy to discuss that privately as well.
Really cool idea. I've been interested in web scraping lately and have thought of doing something like this but I always over-engineer. Great work keeping it simple and good luck!